What Sets us Apart?

Cycle Chi was born of the mindset that positivity breeds positivity. The name Cycle Chi came about because we love to cycle and “Chi” is a positive energy that flows through us. If we feed the "Chi" in ourselves then inevitably it flows to others which makes the world a better, happier place. So basically, when you exercise at Cycle Chi you are saving the world!


New, Top of the Line Equipment

Cycle Chi has 21 top of the line Schwinn Carbon Blue bikes with Power Monitors so you can see how fast you are going, what gear you are in, and how many miles you have ridden in class.

DashboardCycling (1).jpg

FitMetrix Performance Data

Cycle Chi uses FitMetrix, a performance data system that tracks and displays your heart rate, power, RPMs and calories and sends you an email summary after the class. You can also log into your account to see your progress for the week, month and year!

Real Data.

You can kick butt in a cycle class but do you really know how hard you worked? You will at Cycle Chi because we have FitMetrix, a state of the art performance data tracking system that tracks your Power, RPM, Calories and heartrate during your ride and sends you an email with your results at the end of your workout. Your personal account page saves all of your workouts and shows you your progress week to week to help you achieve your goals.

We want you here.

Cycle Chi is the "Cheers" of the indoor cycle studios. We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable at Cycle Chi.

Everybody starts somewhere and we would love for you to begin or continue your journey of health at Cycle Chi. So, if you have ever thought "I need to be in better shape before I go to a cycle class" then toss that thought out and come in to Cycle Chi. No intimidation, no judgement, just happy faces! :-)

We love our community.

Cycle Chi is local, family owned and community minded. We support our community by giving back a percentage of our profits, hosting charity rides and sharing our Chi to make the world a better, happier place. Hope you will join us!!