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45 or 60 minutes of amazing high intensity climbs, fun sprints and challenging intervals to fun, energetic music. You'll be amazed at how hard you work and how much you burn! A challenge for even the seasoned rider! No bike push ups or crazy dance moves, just awesome cycling.
Ripped Ride
This format is going to knock your cycle shoes off! The best of cycle and strength combined in an HIIT class. Forget those dinky 1 lb weights, we do strong strength moves that really create muscle and definition (off bike). 10 mins cycle/10 mins strength/10 mins cycle/10 mins strength/5 mins stretch. It's interval training like never before and it's going to crush calories and tone like crazy. Class is limited to only 12 people so book early and save your spot. Try it once and you will be addicted to this format!! 45 minutes total
Unleash your fat burning potential with this fun bootcamp class. We incorporate Kettlebells, bands, TRX rip trainers and straps, sliders and other resistance training to make it a full body workout. You will tone, sculpt and love the results. This class is for everyone! 60 minutes of fun!!
Cycle & Sculpt
30 minutes of high intensity intervals, amazing climbs and much appreciated flats followed by 15 or 30 minutes of body sculpting bands or kettlebells. Get lost in the music and before you know if you will have knocked out a killer class and leave feeling great!
Cycle & Foam Roll
Need a good workout and a great stretch? You'll get it here! 30 minutes of HIIT cycle followed by 15 minutes of restorative foam rolling. Heavenly!!!
Kids Cycle
Grab a group of kids and channel all that energy in to something awesome. Who knew exercise could be so much fun? This class is perfect for cross-training with other sports or just general conditioning. 30 minutes of fun cycling to music followed by 15 minutes of strength conditioning and stretching. For ages 10 - 16. There is a minimum height requirement of 4'10".

Please book your spot in advance

Classes with low attendance may be cancelled, so please book in advance. We will notify you of any class cancellations via email.