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Cycle Chi offers Kids Classes

March 30, 2017

After opening her boutique-style cycling studio, Cycle Chi, in Vienna roughly a year ago, owner Krista Chichester has expanded to offer classes for kids between the ages 10-16.

Inspired by her sons, 11 and 12 years old, respectively, who love coming into her studio and riding the bikes, Chichester launched the kid-friendly classes in November. The Cycle Chi kids classes are designed for children at any skill level and athletic ability, helping them work on their physical fitness by honing endurance and strength. Chichester says the classes also help kids train for any number of sports they’re involved in at school: football, soccer, lacrosse, swimming, basketball, tennis, dance and beyond.

“I’ve seen kids who started out not being able to ride more than 20 minutes and now are burning 400 calories in a class and don’t want to get off the bikes,” Chichester...

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Spin Veteran Finds Success in Her New Studio

August 17, 2016

By Sophie Reardon

For Krista Chichester, creating her first cycle studio was almost as easy as learning to ride a bike. For the past 14 years, Chichester has been a cycling instructor at Sport and Health, the White House Athletics Center and Washington Golf, but at the beginning of June, she opened her own studio, Cycle Chi, in Vienna.

Chichester’s regular clients approached her with the idea, and she agreed. The cycling instructor could see that big gyms couldn’t prioritize spin classes amid all the options on offer. As a result, classes became overcrowded, and their routines stagnated.

“I decided to do my own thing just because it’s something that I absolutely love to do, and there was a need,” Chichester says. “I really wanted a place where I could build on positive energy.”

The search for a...


Cycle Chi Offers Dynamic Kids Indoor Cycle Classes

February 9, 2017

Amazing Cross Training Benefits – Helps Improve Speed and Build Endurance Across All Sports

VIENNA, VA, CYCLE CHI, Vienna’s first boutique indoor cycle studio in the heart of Vienna is proud to announce that it offers Kids Indoor Cycling Classes to children ages 10-16. Cycling is a great way for young athletes to work on their endurance and strength training during the winter months. Each child is fitted to a bike before each class.

“Cycling works on ‘fast twitch muscle fibers’, says Krista Chichester, Cycle Chi’s owner. “Many parents know that cross training during the winter months is imperative to prevent injury, but some may not know how beneficial cycling can be for athletes and dancers alike.”