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Cycle Chi is all about creating positive energy and sharing it with people. As humans, we crave contact and real interactions. Sure, you can burn calories in your basement on a bike, but it's much more fun to be with people, working together, cheering each other on and conquering a great workout as a group!

We have 21 top of the line Schwinn Carbon Blue bikes with monitors, an amazing data tracking system and the most encouraging, fun and welcoming instructors. Come experience the Cycle Chi community and be a part of something inspiring and fun! It won't be long before you too are saying "Cycle Chi is the best part of my day"!

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Schedule for Memorial Day Weekend

We have some schedule changes due to Viva Vienna this weekend.

Saturday - 7am Kettlebells and 9am Cycle Challenge

Sunday - 8am Cycle Challenge and 10am Cycle Challenge

Monday - 8am Kettlebells and 9:30am Cycle & Sculpt

Give yourself a little extra time to park for the 10am class. Parking should be available in our side parking lot.

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Cycle Chi is turning 3 in June!!!!

And we want to celebrate with you the whole month of June!! Stay tuned for all the fun things we have coming up!!!!

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New Monthly Unlimited Classes for just $149!!

It's seriously the best deal in town!! No crazy minimums or catches, Cancel anytime (contract will run to the end of 30 days), $10 late cancellation fee or no show fee if cancelled within one hour of class.

Try your first class for only $10!*

*For new clients only & can not be used with charity rides.


Host a corporate ride

A great way to build camaraderie, promote team dynamics and have fun! Click here to plan your corporate event


Host a charity ride

Do you have a favorite cause you want to support?

Host a charity ride, it's easy and does so much good!


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We can't wait to see you in the studio!

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