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"Krista’s class never disappoints."

Krista’s classes are amazing! As someone who takes pride in their fitness, and loves being pushed to the limit, Krista’s class never disappoints. She inspires and motivates you each and every time you ride with her. Her music is right, the energy is there and I feel strong and motivated to start my day after every class. I am lucky to say that I have been riding with Krista for over 8 years, she is my fitness mojo!

- Lauren

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"I have never enjoyed any class as much as Kristas..."

Jovial, full of positive energy, super motivating but not overbearing, funny, tactful, genuinely engaging with all her students, and always smiling and happy to be there! That's Krista! She has it all, in perfect balance and always bringing out the best in everyone, from the beginner to the most advanced spinner. Have been spinning for many years and tried dozens of instructors. I have never enjoyed any class as much as Kristas Sunday morning class which has become the best part of my week for the last 4 years. She has built an incredible sense of community and such a faithful following that her class has become an absolute war zone to get into! Keep it up Krista!

- George

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"Most importantly she never belittles anyone"

As a fair weather and intermittent exercise participant, the idea that I would find a class that so inspires me to get up on a Sunday morning and consistently come to Krista's spin class is recommendation enough for you to consider the big leap of faith to try something new or, in particular, try a Cycle Chi spin class. Krista's infectious positive spirit, community cohesiveness, uplifting music choices, takes an ordinary spin class to a new level. She raises money for well deserving charities with spinathons that are fun, well attending and generous. Most importantly she never belittles anyone, as I have seen with some teachers. Always open to new students, to help adjust their bike and just give the biggest smile of encouragement, she gently moves the class along, both the newcomers and the experts, such that you leave with a genuine smile and looking forward to the next spin adventure with Krista.

- Anne E. Summers, MD, FACC


I want to be a part of something that feels bigger than "exercise"

Four months ago I decided to take back my health and fitness. Research led me to indoor cycling and Krista, and not a day has passed that I have not been immensely grateful for both! Krista and her team have created a place where the only hurdle is showing up - in 45 minutes I am guaranteed to feel energized, powerful, healthy, happy, and connected. Krista has built such a kind community in which starting one's journey, from wherever you are, is genuinely celebrated. I can't really imagine doing this anywhere else. I want to be a part of something that feels bigger than "exercise" - Cycle Chi is warmth (and sweat!), humor (I laugh at least once during every one of Krista's classes), community caring and outreach, welcoming to all (kids to seniors), friendly, and one serious workout in which my greatest competitor is myself and my own goals. Four months ago I really had no idea what to expect. Thank you, Krista, for truly helping me change my life!


"It's the most fun you'll have goin' nowhere fast"

Spinning is the most fun you’ll have “GOIN’ NOWHERE -- FAST”. Most spinning instructors give you a workout during which you put in your time and come out the class feeling spent… and that’s good. The best instructors do the same thing but at the end of the class you’re thinking “are we done already” or “I think I have one or two more songs left in me”…. Krista Chichester, the owner of Cycle Chi, will make you feel that way.

I’ve been spinning over 10 years and logged more miles on a stationary bike than I care to count. Along the way I’ve taken classes from some really good instructors; at local clubs and clubs around the U.S. where my travels have taken me. Without a doubt, Krista is truly one of the best spin instructors I’ve taken. All of us know people who make you feel good just being around them. Krista is that kind of person. As you’re prepping your bike for her class you’re also prepping your mind to feel good about being there, and more importantly you’re getting ready to feel good about yourself – physically and mentally.

-Richard F.